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Life is not a fairy tale.

We need to work hard in order for our happy endings to happen.

Meet Domino.

He is just one of the many satos (the Puerto Rican term for stray dogs) who roam the island streets, with no food, fresh water, shelter, and access to veterinary care. 

Domino and his siblings were found under a rusty pile of haphazardly stacked sheets of metal.
Every day is another challenge.

Of the 72 municipalities in Puerto Rico, there are only five animal shelters. Getting rescued isn’t a guarantee. According to The Sato Project, the island has a combined euthanasia rate of almost 95% for stray dogs.

Fortunately, Domino was one of the lucky few.

He has already made the freedom flight out of Puerto Rico and is now only discovering the existence of love. 

That’s not the case for his siblings. His sister, Snow White, was run over by a vehicle while they were playing. Of the eight, only four of them still remain alive. With your help, Domino’s siblings can make that freedom flight too.

Help us save them.

Help us find them the forever homes that they deserve.

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