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Cleo's Story

Cleo was a young and energetic French Bulldog. Full of life and always happy to meet people. But Cleo was not just any dog. One of her people, Logan, a six year old girl who had hand picked Cleo from a pen full of puppies had been diagnosed with epilepsy.

Cleo discovered that she could detect when Logan was about to have a seizure and moments before would warn Logan’s parents. She surely must’ve saved her life a couple times. The two grew up together at each other's side.


Cleo was the protector… until one day that changed…


Cleo began to have trouble walking.


After many vet visits and frustration the diagnosis was GME, a neurological disease blocking the communication from her brain to her body. She quickly lost control of her hind legs and some body functions.

We were advised to have her put down…but with everything she had done we could not just let her go.

Logan insisted on helping her as Cleo had done for her.

She sold crafts to raise money, participated in a pageant and won the title of Miss Pre-Teen New York in 2017 to promote her cause.

Hope for Cleo was born and people came from all over to help this paralyzed little Frenchie. The overwhelming amount of love and support we received was amazing.

To everyone who helped with the gifts and donations, we love and thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts and we cannot even begin to express how much it means to us.

Cleo fought for three years until her little body finally gave in and she let us know that it was time to let her go.



In Cleo’s spirit we have decided to start Hope for Cleo, Inc. We are happy to finally announce that we have obtained Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Charity Organization Status.

Cleo crossed our path for a reason, touched our heart and changed lives forever.

Her Story Now Lives On And Continues With Us…




Cleo Loved
Cleo Lived

Cleo Saved
Now Its Our Turn
To Honor Cleo...


Join Our Pack To Help Us Honor Cleo.

Cleo's Last Day With Her Family.  RIP Cleo.
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