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Remembering Peter Hynes: A Compassionate Soul, A Friend to the Voiceless

Peter Hynes, a dedicated volunteer at Hope For Cleo Animal Rescue. He was not just a man with an infectious smile that illuminated every place he entered, but a soul whose kindness seeped into the hearts of everyone lucky enough to cross paths with him.

There was something magical about Peter; he was one of those rare gems who could see the beauty in every creature, big or small. His love for animals was not just profound, but it was also his sanctuary. In their company it seemed, he found solace, comfort, and a unique sense of understanding.


The Story of Two Cleo's
Life has a peculiar way of interconnecting our paths, and Peter’s story is a testament to that.

WhenPeter first joined us, he shared the story of his little furbaby Cleo. It brought tears to our eyes and a lump in our throats. The loss of Cleo was a heartbreak Peter carried with him. It's hard to ignore those cosmic signs that the universe throws our way. It felt like destiny was playing its part,guiding Peter to us.

Peter channeled his grief into something beautiful – volunteering at Hope For Cleo Animal Rescue. That moment, we knew - Peter was meant to be a part of our Hope For Cleo family. And indeed, he became an integral part of our pack, sharing in our triumphs and tears, our joy and pain, our hopes and dreams.

We will remember Peter, not with sadness, but with gratitude and love. We thank him for his unwavering dedication, his constant support, and his infinite love for our furry friends. His memory is now forever intertwined with the lives of the creatures he cherished so dearly.

Dear Peter, your legacy continues to live on in the hearts of all those you touched. You are missed every day, but you are also remembered, celebrated and loved. Rest in peace, dear friend. You will always be a part of the

Hope For Cleo Animal Rescue Pack.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1969 – SEPTEMBER 19, 2023
Peter J. Hynes

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