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Amanda Jo "AJ " Guido

Amanda has been obsessed with all things animal since before she can remember. From a very young age she was always asking to help at shelters, dog sit, or walk people's dogs for them. Amanda constantly asked her parents for another pet, the answer was always “When you grow up and get your own house you can have as many animals as you want”... So that's exactly what she did.


Amanda worked in her family's restaurant but always volunteered at rescues and shelters in her spare time. Amanda’s favorite thing was fostering pregnant dogs in her house then helping mom with the pups until everyone found their Fur-Ever Homes. She always gets the question “how is it possible to watch them leave?”  

When Amanda’s daughter was very young, Cleo came into their life. shortly after Logan was diagnosed with epilepsy. To the surprise of everyone, Cleo was able to feel Logan’s seizures before she had them. It was amazing! 


In 2013, Cleo was diagnosed with GME. She was no longer able to walk or help Logan. Cleo remained with them for three more years, taking care of her in a little pink wheelchair. The support from social media was Incredible.


After Cleo passed, Amanda and her family decided that they needed to do something to remember her. In 2022, after years of planning, Hope For Cleo was finally born in.  


Amanda, her family and friends are looking forward to helping animals. Cleo’s journey lives on through them.


In Amanda’s spare time she enjoys going to the beach with her rescue dogs (that were born in her home) and spending time with her family and friends.


The dogs that they raise until they find them their forever home are like family. It's sad to see them go, but now they can rescue more, knowing they are all finally safe…

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