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Dog on Blue

Foster Application (21+)

Without Volunteers Hope For Cleo Inc., Animal Rescue Would Be Impossible.
Thank You For Wanting To Join In And Be A Voice For The Many Animals

That Need Our Help.
Please fill out our application and we will be in touch.

You can also download the Application Form as a pdf (click here to download), fill it out, and Email it to rescue@hopeforcleo.com

Are you employed?
Type of Residence:
Have you ever had a pet before?
Does the age, size, or breed of the dog you are willing to foster matter?
Do you drive?
If you own a pool, is it behind a fence or otherwise inaccessible for an animal?
Are you able and willing to take the foster animal to vet or grooming appointments when needed?
If there is an emergency, are you able to handle the care of the animal?
Can you train if necessary?
Do you have experience with abused or neglected animals?

Thanks for submitting!

* If  your home is rented we will need a ORIGINAL notarized letter from your landlord giving you permission to foster a HopeForCLEO iNC. aNIMAL Rescue

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