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Adoption Application

Without Volunteers, Hope For Cleo Inc., Animal Rescue

Would Be Impossible.
Thank You For Wanting To Join In And Be A Voice

For The Many Animals That Need Our Help.

Please fill out our application and we will be in touch.


Are you employed?
Type of Residence:
About how much does your household make in a year?
Have you ever had a pet before?
Is the entire family in favor of adopting this animal?
Will the entire household share in the care of this animal?
Do you have a regular veterinarian?
Where will this animal be kept mostly?
Please check all that apply. I want to adopt this pet...
Are you willing to work on crate training?
Are you willing to work on house-training?
What activity level do you prefer?
When will you be

Thanks for submitting! We will review your application and be in touch.

Please Consider Donating Below To

Hope For Cleo Animal Rescue.

Thank You for all your love and support!

No Donation Is ever Too Small.

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